BEING NORWEGIAN – Edinburgh Fringe – Gilded Balloon Teviot – August 2016


Review, Fringe Guru

**** – “Hurley’s speech is low-key but his eyes are wonderfully expressive, and he carries the piece successfully”

Review, One4review

**** – “if you want some quality theatre at midnight you won’t do any better than this excellent show”

Review, The New Current

**** – “Greig’s text is masterfully realised by a company who have wonderfully connected to his insightful and contemporary narrative.”

Review, Edinburgh49

*** – “Tom Hurley is a gem as the awkward and terribly British Sean, hopping between mental distress and crises of politeness with surprising ease.”

Review, Fringe Review

“Tom Hurley’s performance as Sean is spot on. His body language, pacing, nervous mannerisms and stuttery small talk convincingly convey the combination of shame, nervousness, warmth and likeability of the awkward but well intentioned Sean.”

BEING NORWEGIAN – Cardiff Fringe Theatre Festival – June 2016

'Sean', in Being Norwegian

‘Sean’, in Being Norwegian

Review, Young Critics Wales

**** – “Tom Hurley, playing Sean showed a loveable adorable character with a dark past. The chemistry between him and Lisa, played by Sarah Bennington was captivating.”

Review, Arts Scene in Wales

“Tom Hurley plays Sean’s wide eyed benevolence through to his, equally wide-eyed, intensity brilliantly. His awkward portrayal was both endearing and suspect, whilst being timed to comedic perfection.”


BLAVATSKY’S TOWER – National Tour – May 2016


Interview, Chapter:

Review, Theatre in Wales:

“Tough, often bold in manner Tom Hurley perfectly illustrates the sensitivity and child-like intensity the role requires.”

Review, Get The Chance:


Review, Reviews Hub:


BLAVATSKY’S TOWER – Chapter Arts Centre – April 2015


'Roland', in Blavatsky's Tower

Interview, Chapter:

Review, Young Critics:

“A lot of the raucous laughter though is down to Tom Hurley as Roland, comically frantic and poisonous in manner.”

DEEP PIT – Brass Works Theatre – October/November 2014

'Jack', in Deep Pit

Review, Remote Goat:

“Jack is an energetic sparky lad ready to stand his ground, a role requiring extremes of emotion & engagingly played by Tom Hurley.”

Review, Bristol 24/7:

“Deep Pit’s many other qualities include a lyrical script peppered with black comedy, a fine and committed cast, and an attention to detail that brings to vivid life a little-understood time and place in local history.”

Review, Forest Edge Magazine:

“It is so difficult to pick out individual actors for praise, everyone is cast so well and delivered wonderful and moving portrayals.”


A HISTORY OF FALLING THINGS – New Vic Theatre – July 2014

Photocall for New Vic production A History of Falling Things, Robin (Tom Hurley)

Interview, The Sentinel:

Review, The Sentinel:

There are very strong performances from the two leads. Tom Hurley’s Robin is a ball of nervous energy. His childlike poses contrast well with Antonia Kinlay’s Jacqui, who is more sedate and calm.”

Review, Staffordshire Life:

Tom Hurley is brilliant as the angst ridden Robin, with his multitude of eccentricities and comical attributes.”

Review, British Theatre Guide:

“Tom Hurley and Antonia Kinlay are superb as Robin and Jacqui, totally getting to grips with their characters’ fears and intricacies.”

Review, Reviews Gate:

Tom Hurley and Antonia Kinley create the dynamic of the action, hesitant, fearful yet hopeful. The natural energy and affection thrive as they encounter for the first time someone else who feels the way they do.”

Review, The Public Reviews:

“Hurley brings an excellent presence and energy to his role, which adds to the immature and exciteful nature of Robin”


THE STOLEN INCHES – Ophelia Theatre Dalston – June 2014


Review, The Public Reviews:

“Hurley’s portrayal of the self-employed ladies’ shoe designer combines unrestrained youthful vigour with sweet innocence that makes Simon adorably unhinged”

Review, The Good Review:

“There is some really outstanding work from Tom Hurley in the principal role”