The Star-Spangled Girl


Tom will be playing Norman in the first project from his own theatre company, AXON, in April 2016.  Tom is also the producer of the project.

Set in 1960s San Francisco, the play revolves around the desperate attempts of would-be revolutionary magazine editor Andy to reach his publication deadline, juggling mounting bills and angry creditors.  When All-American Olympic swimmer Sophie moves in next door, Andy’s best (and only) writer falls helplessly in love, threatening the future of their magazine and their friendship.

Emerging company AXON have brought together a team of theatre professionals to explore the revival of Neil Simon’s lost classic, “The Star-Spangled Girl”.  Following two weeks of research and development, we welcome your feedback at our work-in-progress showings.  We will be performing the play at Volcano’s Bunker Theatre on Swansea High Street.

Saturday 9th April (2.30pm & 7.30pm) and Monday 11th April (7.30pm)