Deep Pit

21 Oct – 8 Nov 2014

Deep Pit Rehearsal

Tom plays 19 year old collier Jack Crew in new play DEEP PIT, set in the mid-19th century and performing at the award-nominated Brass Works Theatre in Bristol.

By the 18th century, Kingswood’s coal miners had earned such a fearsome reputation that the Anglican evangelist George Whitefield met with the mocking challenge, ‘If he will convert heathens, why does he not go to the colliers of Kingswood?’

The mine workers and their families needed to be tough to survive dirty, dangerous lives in and around the pits where they were subjugated and exploited.

Deep Pit finds the Crew family continuing the coalface struggle in 1848. Jonathan and Elizabeth have already lost a son to the deadly underground conditions, and now their daughter Mary is treading a treacherous path with Henry Knight, the mine owner’s son…

Suitable for ages 14+